Satellite view of Danube over Budapest

Satellite view of river Danube over Budapest

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Moving the mouse over the bridges you will find a short piece of information about each. Click them for a detailed description.

In the first picture you can see the satellite image of Megyeri Bridge spanning Budapest at its most Northern point. The distance between Megyeri Bridge and the other bridges of Budapest is relatively great, that is why they are shown on two separate satellite images. In the second picture the other bridges of Budapest can be seen: Arpad Bridge in the North, Lagymanyosi Bridge in the South, and the remaining five Budapest bridges in between.

The distance between Megyeri Bridge and Arpad Bridge is about 8-9 kilometers.


The inauguration of the Chain Bridge was delayed by the war of independence. Finally, it took place on 20 November 1849, however, the first supplies had already crossed it before. The government of Hungary moved its seat to Debrecen due to the war situation, and, according to Kossuth's order, the crown was also transported to Debrecen from the insecure Buda. The crown had to be taken across the Chain Bridge to reach the train heading toward Debrecen.Read more


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